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Riminder part à la conquête du marché américain

Après un premier succès aux États-Unis avec le lancement public de la plateforme à Techcrunch Disrupt NY17, Riminder, se lance aux Etats-Unis.

Suite au concours FrenchTech Tour America, organisé par La Bpifrance et Business France, Riminder part à la conquête du marché des États-Unis.

Widoobiz : Retrouvez l’interview de notre CEO Mouhidine lors de la participation de Riminder à VivaTech 2017


Riminder Press Release

Riminder automates screening resumes and job video interviews by leveraging state-of-the-art deep learning to understand people and reveal their full potential.

The Founding team:

Mouhidine Seiv is an entrepreneur and data scientist. A fan of robots, Mouhidine started working with mechanics and embedded electronics at the age of 7. He holds an Engineering degree in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Entrepreneurship from Ecole Centrale Paris, and M.Sc. in Machine Learning and Computer Vision from Ecole Normale Supérieure.


Riminder Vision:

Riminder was founded in Paris in 2016 after two years of intense research and development focused on the recruitment eld. Riminder allows employers to quickly connect their HR data to an AI-based solution that can take the guesswork out of choosing a job title and finding candidates that correspond to a company’s expectations and values. It gets smarter with every interaction, incorporating the recruiter’s actions and job market trends. Riminder works for all kinds of jobs and scales to any language.

career paths

The predictive models underlying Riminder’s solution are based on the candidate’s career path (transitions, experiences, education, skills) and external facts (location, industry, job market, best practices). The success of Riminder’s algorithms depends upon its ability to effectively manage personal information about candidates and employees. And Riminder brings the additional bene t of removing unconscious bias in the recruitment process, since decisions are driven by the data itself. The Riminder solution allows employers to identify as much as 3x more candidates for a given job while actually conducting 4x fewer interviews, significantly reducing the costs and time of the assessment process and allowing recruiters to focus on what matters: building meaningful connections with candidates.


Riminder is developing an enterprise business model in addition to an existing freemium model. It currently has a team of 12 employees and is publicly available in France, US, UK, Germany and the Netherlands after launching at Techcrunch last May.

Get in touch with Riminder

  • Mouhidine Seiv:
  • Othmane Izi:

Communication Toolkit :

Riminder joining the 1st batch of Facebook accelerator in Paris

We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected to be part of the first batch of the Facebook Startup Garage at Station F!

According to Facebook 12 participants have been selected because they are at the forefront of innovation building on personal data: helping people manage their personal information, make better decisions, and get things done more effectively. From personalized travel recommendations, to enhanced personal finance management, to informed decisions about our everyday health and wellness, Startup Garage participants want to improve people’s lives through data.”

The program will kicks off in September.

Stay tuned!


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